K12 Computational Education and Robotics Mentorship

K-12th program includes various educational outreach activities for different youth groups including boy scouts, middle schools, high schools, and 4H. Our members work as mentors dedicating a few hours a week to teach the youth about computational thinking. Our goal is to expose children to technology, promote creativity and teamwork, and foster critical thinking skills that will be beneficial in solving problems in any situation.

Init is committed to providing computer science education opportunities to K-12 students. In collaboration with Computing for All, we host a Girl Scout Tech Day, Girl Scout Tech Camp, and booths at Maker Fairs.

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These are some of the current initiatives we have running within the Education Outreach group:

  • Lincoln Robotics League: Currently, the Lincoln Robotics League (LRL) is working within Title 1 Middle Schools including Culler, Goodrich, and Dawes. The plan is to add 2 more sites by the end of Spring 2019. Students are exposed to computational learning through Ev3 Lego Robots. LRL mentors meet once a week with each site completing Lego Robotics activities to help students gain a better understanding of robotic concepts.
  • Scouts: The Scouts initiative is currently focused on helping boy scout troops around Nebraska earn badges within the technology field. The goal is to have monthly 1-day camps on UNL’s campus filled with activities and lessons on computational thinking using resources like the Ev3 Robots. Scout  mentors will meet monthly to help prepare and implement the day camps.
  • Coding and Coffee: The Coding n’ Coffee program was created in the Fall 2018 semester. The program’s vision is to make the transition to college and into the field of computing and technology easier for students that come from schools with no programming courses. It uses hands on activities to help high school students understand computational thinking at a higher level. Coding N’ Coffee meets on Tuesday afternoon with local LPS high schools. Lean more and register on their website!

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